Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Almost Gone

I can't believe it's August already! When did that happen? The summer is nearly over and it feels like it just began. The time whizzing by like this scares me sometimes. I look back and wonder where it's gone — hoping that I've lived it to the fullest. Soon the cooler weather will take over and the beauty of Fall will take over the South. I must admit, it's my favorite season. I'm missing the warm, thick sweaters and winter jackets. And lets not forget the leaves and how beautiful they are when they're changing colors. While I'm looking forward to the season changing, I'm still looking back wondering where the time has gone.
In other news ... I'm slashing prices in my etsy shop by 50%. I need to get some items moving and stir up some business. I started on etsy to sell, but so far all I've done is buy! LOL


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