Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gone too long

Whew ... just when I barely started this blog, I disappear!
Things have been crazy ... as usual! Hopefully though, life will begin to slow down and offer me a little more time to myself. I came across this link to the right! from You can post animals that need a home. You can even select a state! I'm hoping maybe someone will see an animal they fall in love with and give him/her a nice comfy home.

Misty Mawn has posted information about ArtFest 2007 on her web site! I'm really kicking around the idea of attending. Though, I must admit I'm feeling a little intimidated. I'm no pro by any means when it comes to Art. I just do what I like. I'll keep my eye on the information and keep it in mind. I'd love to attend one of Misty's courses! Go here to read more about it:


Blogger stilettoheights said...

Hey Heather!!!

Just wanted to give your blog a little love- your bookmarked now!!!

Thanks for being so damn talented and all your support!


3:45 PM  

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