Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Give your pets an extra kiss today

I am a huge animal lover. I mean I really, really love animals. My three cats and one tiny chihuahua are my children. They have more toys then Toys R Us, get treats 1,2 ok — 10 times a day, but more importantly they are loved and they know it.
Then there are those people in this world who could careless about their pets.
Tonight on my way back to work from dinner break, a small pickup truck was carrying two rather large dogs in the bed. At a stop light, one of the dogs jumped out of the back, still attached to the truck via a leash. The dog owner realized this, as did all the traffic sitting behind him. He quickly jumped out to get the dog.
But what comes next caused me to yell out to the man and almost start crying ... He picked the dog up and threw him back into the bed of the truck. And I mean threw. I could see the dog bounce off the metal floor. He then went on to hit the dog several times and yell at the poor animal. He did this all in front of traffic ... probably at least 10 cars backed up waiting for this JERK. If he has no problem treating those animals in such an abusive manner in public, what does he do to them when nobody is looking? It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
Why are some people so cruel to their animals?
Give your pet(s) an extra kiss today. Not because they don't know they're loved, but because somewhere out there an animal is being abused and unloved. Do it for them.


Blogger cindi said...

ugh, i shouldn't have read that :(
thanks for purchasing a coat, i hope your little Andy likes it :)
i know what you mean, people can be such morons and so mean to their pets. kobe and spike are like kids to me. you can see them at my flickr acct http://www.flickr.com/photos/kobedog/

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