Saturday, February 17, 2007

What the hell?

Ok, Brittney is this close to a total meltdown. I'm just wondering what is going on in that now bald head of hers. Reports are circulating that she checked herself in then out of rehab all in the same day. What's she in rehab for now? And more importantly, where are her children? Is she trying to lose custody of them to K-fed? Did she finally realize that the boys are not like handbags? You can't hang them on a hook in the closet when you're tired of carrying them around.
I don't think I'd care as much (though I would be just as interested) about Brit's downward spiral, but she has children to think of. It's her job to raise them and take care of them. They did not ask to come into this world. I hope she gets her shit together before they are taken away, to be raised by K-fed.
Come on Brittney, we are all pulling for you - but you've got to throw us a bone sometime. Quit all this stupid shit and get your act together.


Blogger stilettoheights said...

OMG....I can't believe she is bald now...what the hell is that all about???

isn't is bad when our celebrity obsessions turn into crack pots?

I have always been obsessed with Angelina, when she made out with her own brother...well that was hard to take, but now she has bounced back...

let's hope Brit does the same thing.


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